For hundreds of years, the savviest businesses have hired others to shape the way they are perceived by the world. To accomplish their commercial goals. To build and defend their reputations.
To stand above the crowd.

We’re steeped in this heritage.


Communications Advisors. Stand Above.


Charlie Chaplin and Douglas Fairbanks, hired to drum up support for WWI Liberty Bonds, draw tens of thousands to Wall Street. (1918)

About us

Baretz+Brunelle helps businesses become respected, trusted and remembered. The three things all great companies want to be.

Our clients are elite law firms. Top financial advisors. Well-known corporations. Technology innovators. Business pioneers.

We have been named the “Best PR Firm in the US for Law Firms” by The National Law Journal, the “Best PR Firm for Law Firms” by The New York Law Journal, the “Best Crisis Management Firm” by Legal Times, and a “Leading PR Firm for Hedge Funds” by Hedge Fund Alert.

We have worked with more than 100 of the nation’s top law firms, and many of their corporate clients, for more than 15 years – building brands, announcing mergers and other transactions, raising the profile of practice groups or top rainmakers, rolling out new practices and offices, providing litigation support and navigating crises.

Using a variety of tactics tied directly to business strategy, we help our clients break through the clutter to showcase their expertise, demonstrate their value and influence their markets.

We target many audiences for our clients — new business prospects, existing customers, investors, regulators, adversaries, judges, juries, politicians and the general public. One thing is consistent in our work: we are always laser-focused on developing creative strategies that accomplish business goals.


  • Business development-focused communications

    PR and Media Relations / Content Creation / Digital Marketing and SEO Optimization / Social Media Management / Thought Leadership / Data-Based Surveys and Reports / Awards and Rankings / Academic and Strategic Alliance Campaigns

  • Content Creation

    Professional Bios and Practice Group Descriptions / Articles, Case Studies, Blog Postings / Client Alerts and Q&As / Awards and Rankings / Industry and Practice Reports / Leadership Communications / Web Copy / Graphic Design and Creative Services

  • Litigation PR and Crisis Communications

  • Corporate and Financial Communications

    Transactional / Special Situations / General Corporate

Our people

Spencer Baretz, Founding Partner

Spencer Baretz

Founding Partner

Cari Brunelle, Founding Partner

Cari Brunelle

Founding Partner

Jason Milch, Partner

Jason Milch


Kenneth Gary, Chief Marketing + Business Development Officer

Kenneth Gary

Chief Marketing + Business Development Officer

Erin Harrison, Managing Director

Erin Harrison

Managing Director

John Ford, Managing Director<span class='hide-title'>, Editorial Services</span>

John Ford

Managing Director, Editorial Services

Kelsey Nason, Managing Director

Kelsey Nason

Managing Director

Nathan Jenks, Managing Director

Nathan Jenks

Managing Director

Molly (McLeod) Doherty, Director

Molly (McLeod) Doherty


Jennifer Gronwaldt, Director

Jennifer Gronwaldt


Zinie Sampson, Director

Zinie Sampson


Clay Steward, Director

Clay Steward


Wayne Pollock, Director

Wayne Pollock


Lauren French, Senior Associate

Lauren French

Senior Associate

Lilly Scheibelhut, Associate, Creative Services

Lilly Scheibelhut

Associate, Creative Services

Sarah Andries, Associate

Sarah Andries


Leora (Kaplan) Goldfarb, Associate

Leora (Kaplan) Goldfarb


Jessica Klein, Associate

Jessica Klein


Elaine Materise, Associate

Elaine Materise


Belinda Schwartz, Associate

Belinda Schwartz


Caroline Rodman, Associate

Caroline Rodman


Poonam Jain, Director of Operations

Poonam Jain

Director of Operations

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