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In the new legal economy, law firms and other businesses increasingly understand that advanced financial planning is among the most important factors for growth. For those businesses and investors in them, executing a vision for success often requires access to capital alongside strategic planning to maximize value.

Corporate Finance Consulting + Financial Analysis

  • Profitability Analysis + Cost-Saving Initiatives
  • Mergers + Acquisitions Financial Analysis
  • Partner Distribution + End-of-Year Financial Planning
  • Industry Benchmarking of P&Ls + Capital Expenditures
  • Book of Business Analysis for Laterals
  • Budgeting

Capital Introduction

  • Litigation Finance
  • Private Equity, Family Offices + Outside Capital
  • AR Financing
  • Legal Tech
  • Growth Capital Investors

Unlocking Value

  • Market Assessment
  • Opportunity Identification
  • Growth Blueprinting
  • Value Articulation
  • Exit Positioning + Planning