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Everything is changing. The legal industry’s biggest challenges and opportunities are here, now. And the reason is not because of the tidal wave of available technology, or a lack of money earmarked for the legal asset class to develop it. There is a more fundamental dissonance: the advances in technology are not meshing with the practicalities of legal practice and the management of the business of law. And as the ways of the guild continue to break down, the legal world opens to creative thinking and novel business activities. This is NewLaw. B+B helps the legal industry and its business model transform.

NewLaw Advisory

  • Counsel on legal technology and generative AI for law firms, companies, innovators + investors
  • Marry a sophisticated understanding of legal technology with real-time, real-world experience confronting the problems and opportunities legal technologies seek to solve
  • Support outside capital investment decisions by private equity firms, funders, family offices, and others searching for deals and footholds in the legal asset class
  • Bridge the gap between law firm and legal department buyers and legal tech sellers on the practical realities of needs, sales, and implementation
  • Intelligence on legal tech marketplace opportunities to spur revenue growth
  • Evaluate buy-versus-build decision-making confronting leaders today
  • Advise leadership on an array of NewLaw business structures focused on critical business issues
  • Develop creative communications initiatives and digital marketing strategies to amplify and influence NewLaw efforts

NewLaw Legal Practice Technology

  • Advise on technology that advances how law is being practiced to create speed and efficiency for law firms and corporate legal departments

NewLaw Legal Business Technology

  • Advise on technology that advances business management, profitability, and growth goals of law firms