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Throughout history, the savviest businesses have hired others to help them stand above the crowd.

In today’s evolving legal marketplace, that is our role.



Charlie Chaplin and Douglas Fairbanks, hired to drum up support for WWI Liberty Bonds, draw tens of thousands to Wall Street. (1918)


Baretz+Brunelle helps businesses throughout the evolving legal marketplace to Stand Above. Our clients are elite law firms. Premier legal tech companies. Innovative alternative legal services providers. Leading consulting firms and others. We provide corporate communications, digital marketing and NewLaw services with a laser-like focus on achieving our clients’ business goals. For nearly 20 years, we have helped our clients build brands, protect reputations, raise profiles, educate the industry, improve operations, enter new markets, launch new products and services, announce mergers and manage crises. We have been named the “Best PR Firm in the U.S. for Law Firms” by The National Law Journal, the “Best PR Firm for Law Firms” by the New York Law Journal, the “Best Crisis Management Firm” by Legal Times and the “Best Digital Marketing Firm” by PRNEWS. Our team is made up of marketing veterans. Communications mavens. Am Law 100 lawyers, chief operating officers and chief strategy officers. Law department and legal operations gurus. We have deep industry knowledge and in-the-trenches experience. We know what it takes to Stand Above.


Spencer Baretz

Spencer Baretz

Founding Partner

Cari Brunelle, Founding Partner

Cari Brunelle

Founding Partner

Kelsey Dellovo, Partner

Kelsey Dellovo


John Ford, Partner

John Ford


Jason Milch, Partner

Jason Milch



Brad Blickstein

Partner and Co-Head, NewLaw


Beatrice Seravello

Partner and Co-Head, NewLaw

Anthony Tramontana, Partner and Chief Financial Officer

Anthony Tramontana

Partner and Chief Financial Officer

B&B Howard Web-FINAL

Howard Rosenberg

Partner and Head, Talent Intelligence & Analytics


Josh Anisfeld

Chief Digital Officer

Poonam Jain, Chief Operating Officer

Poonam Jain

Chief Operating Officer

Laura Gingiss_2

Laura Gingiss

Senior Managing Director

Molly Doherty, Senior Managing Director

Molly Doherty

Senior Managing Director


Josie Johnson

Senior Managing Director, NewLaw


Xenia Kobylarz

Senior Managing Director


Wayne Kessler

Managing Director

Jessica Klein, Managing Director

Jessica Klein

Managing Director

Michelle Holleb

Michelle Holleb

Senior Director, Digital Marketing

Leora Goldfarb, Director

Leora Goldfarb



Miranda Ganguly

Director, Talent Intelligence & Analytics

A Stickel

Amy Stickel

Director, NewLaw


Lindsay Perrault

Director, NewLaw

Lilly Scheibelhut, Manager, Creative Services

Lilly Scheibelhut

Manager, Creative Services


Luke Allingham

Senior Associate

Samantha Paradise

Samantha Paradise


MicrosoftTeams-image (4)

Courtney Hugo



Jaime Wittner


Nadav Neuman

Nadav Neuman


A. Reames Web-2

Aliya Reames

Associate, Creative Services

J Petalcorin

Julia Petalcorin

Associate, Digital Marketing

C Jemmott

Chanel Jemmott

Associate, Finance & Operations

Jenna Robnett

Jenna Robnett

Analyst, Talent Intelligence & Analytics


  • Business Development-Focused Communications

    PR and Media Relations – Content Creation – Thought Leadership – Data-Based Surveys and Reports – Awards and Rankings – Academic and Strategic Alliance Campaigns

  • Content Creation

    Professional Bios and Practice Group Descriptions – Articles, Case Studies, Blog Postings – Client Alerts and Q&As – Awards and Rankings – Industry and Practice Reports – Leadership Communications – Web Copy – Graphic Design and Creative Services

  • Digital Marketing and Marketing Automation

    Marketing Automation Management – Digital Analytics and Insights – Search Engine Optimization – Social Media Management – Email Marketing – Website, Microsite and Landing Page Development – Digital Advertising Management – Digital Marketing Compliance Consulting

  • NewLaw Services

    Research and Intelligence – Consulting and Strategy – Products, Processes and Services Lab – Marketing and Communications Learn More About Our Law Firm Captive ALSP Research

  • Litigation PR and Crisis Communications

    Strategic and Proactive Reputation Defense – Messaging Development – Executive Media Training – PR and Media Relations

  • Corporate and Financial Communications

    Transactional – Special Situations – General Corporate

  • Talent Intelligence And Analytics

    Pre-Hire Intelligence – Lateral Communications – Onboarding & Integration Support - Metrics-Based Assessments - Predictive Analytics Tools Learn More About Our Talent Intelligence & Analytics Practice


We are passionate about our work and appreciate how privileged we are to be doing it. That’s why we are equally passionate about giving back to the communities and causes important to us.

As with all our client relationships, B+B devotes its energies to pro bono partners:

  • Whose missions are meaningful to our team members.
  • Who we are committed to supporting on a long-term basis.
  • Whose goals we can advance significantly through our work.

We are proud that since our launch, B+B has contributed more than 1,200 hours and the equivalent of $400,000 in services to pro bono projects. The nonprofit organizations we support with our time and resources include the following: