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Baretz+Brunelle is disrupting the traditional lateral recruiting process with a more sophisticated, end-to-end approach — one that mirrors the approach of strategic buyers of assets. We develop an acquisition strategy, conduct thorough diligence, use creative and personalized acquisition tactics, and then, when successful, focus on integration and acceleration to drive growth. 

Acquisition Strategy

  • Needs analysis rooted in business strategy, gaps, and aspirations
  • Detail of expertise and reputation, book of business portability, personal attributes, and geography 

Marketplace Intelligence + Due Diligence

  • Comprehensive Open Source + Human Intelligence Reports
  • Numeric scoring on candidates’ reputation, business, and client relationships based on more than 35 data points
  • Scouting report for players in a target practice or location
  • Commentary from peers, counterparties + players in the market
  • Curated Shortlist of Candidate Options
  • Lateral Movement Data + Client Analysis

Creative Acquisition Efforts

  • Personalized recruitment strategies to lure targeted talent
  • Support for executive leadership engagement
  • Leveraged use of extensive B+B network 

Integration + Acceleration

  • Data-Driven Opportunity Mapping
  • Business Plan Development + Implementation
  • Cultural Introduction + Relationship Building
  • New Partner Rebranding Activities
  • Market-Facing Flagship Content Development + Distribution
  • Creative Business Development Strategies