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Over time, industries evolve.
Businesses change.
The legal industry’s time is now.
NewLaw is here.



Pushcart vendors selling goods on the corner of Rivington and Orchard Streets, New York, NY. (1902)



Some say law firms will never change. We say they already have.

From quills to tablets, photocopiers to the cloud, Bates stamps to digital marks, law libraries to automated legal research, law firms have already successfully integrated transformational changes to better serve clients.

But the industry’s biggest challenges are here, now. And they strike at the heart. Legal technology and artificial intelligence are fundamentally changing how law is practiced. Demand is increasing for alternative pricing models. Legal operations and procurement professionals are playing a greater role in overseeing how legal services are purchased and delivered.

Corporations are changing the way they buy legal services; this means law firms must change the way they market, sell and deliver them.

The legal industry is ripe for disruption from technology, better processes, creative staffing, alternative billing and more. Transformation of the law firm business model is here.

This is NewLaw.

The time to change, once again, is here. And we are here to help.



Access to the most comprehensive research, insights and analysis on law departments, legal operations and NewLaw issues by the industry’s leading authority.

  • 12 years of analytical research of legal operations in the Fortune 1000.
  • Unprecedented analysis of the efficacy of artificial intelligence in legal technology products.
  • Impact of legal tech, alternative legal service providers and the Big Four accounting firms on the legal industry.
  • Market research, intelligence and analysis of:
    • Collaboration trends between in-house and outside counsel
    • Law department information systems
    • Legal spend management
    • The trend of legal work moving in-house
    • Law firm technology

Analysis, review, optimization and execution by industry veteran with over 25 years of C-suite experience at several marquee Am Law 100 firms.

  • Review and identification of marketplace position and new opportunities for revenue growth with NewLaw strategies
  • P&L improvement
  • Service delivery model creation
  • Process improvement
  • Change management

Legal technology applications for all practice areas and industry sectors within litigation, corporate and regulatory.

  • Corporate agreement drafting and negotiation
  • Contract review and extraction
  • Pleadings automation
  • Process automation
  • Pricing and profitability modeling
  • Performance tracking
  • Self-service legal
  • Budgeting, billing and spend metrics
  • Judicial analytics
  • Subscription-based delivery
  • Process, technology and service delivery models for:
    • Alternative fee arrangements
    • Staffing models
    • Client intake systems
    • RFP infrastructure
    • Litigation support
    • Corporate transactions
    • Regulatory response
    • Automation of managing attorney and managing clerk functions
    • Knowledge management
  • Marketing and business development
    • Data-driven client targeting
    • Predictive analysis, benchmarking, win/loss analysis
    • ROI analysis on marketing metrics

Development of creative communications initiatives and digital marketing strategies, to amplify NewLaw efforts and influence clients and prospects.

  • Messaging and positioning
  • Novel content creation
  • PR and media relations
  • Branded research
  • Academic partnerships and symposiums
  • Bespoke events
  • Digital marketing and distribution
  • Social media
  • Webinars
  • Video blogs
  • Marketing automation management
  • Audience analytics
  • Client retention programming
  • Strategies for marketing and selling to legal ops

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